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Kookin’ with KrizzyB – Giant Krismas Tree Cupcake
S01E08 - KrizzyB shows us how to bake a giant cupcake and decorate in a festive way.
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Smackdown Vs. Raw: Where did it all go wrong?

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011In the world of wrestling,  sports entertainment giant WWE's game franchise has evolved from robotic figures stumbling around the ring to amazingly realistic superstars re-creating the action we see on television and putting the player firmly in the driving seat. However a major problem I have with the Smackdown Vs. Raw game series is THQ's attitude of give and take with in-game features. It seems every year there is a new and exciting addition to the game to make the whole experience that little more realistic but at the cost of many basic features we should see in any wrestling game or even at the cost of previous new features which are simply jettisoned to make room for the next big hype to pull in those much needed sales. It's hard to believe that THQ is responsible for arguably one of the greatest wrestling games of all time, WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64. Published over a decade ago, WWF No Mercy far out-performs the latest game, WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011, in many ways (obviously not taking into account graphics and other features that are limited by the N64 which was retired in 2002). Such features as the Create a Superstar, Story Mode and even the overall in-ring game play is much smoother in No Mercy than the latest WWE releases and it is a shame that games made over ten years ago are not as primitive as you would expect in the light-speed world of technology. I have been an avid fan of wrestling games ever since the release of WWF War Zone back in 1998 so I have seen the industry take leaps and bounds and I have outlined the major issues that, in my opinion, are holding modern wrestling games back. Continue reading

Yoo0oo Radio Gears Up for 4th Series

Yoo0oo Radio LogoYo Yo Mofos!! This Thursday marks the beginning of the fourth series of Yoo0oo Radio, broadcasting utter crap for 5 weeks during the summer. Episodes will be broadcast on Thursdays between 8pm and 10pm UK time live on KaY. As always we have tweaked our format to try to make the show bigger and better! This year each show will feature a number of interesting discussions and interactions with an emphasis on better and more music. Epic choons will be played every 15 minutes separating each segment of the show. Continue reading

Call for Scottish digital channel a good idea?

Sky Scottish Logo 1996During a report about Scottish television news on Reporting Scotland; Fiona Hyslop MSP, Minister for Culture and External Affairs, stated that she felt Scotland needed it's own digital channel focusing on Scottish programming and news. Now of course I could begin right away bashing the SNP for supporting anything that can be branded as remotely Scottish, however I feel that there is a lot to be discussed on her suggestion. Firstly, this is not the first time someone has had this idea. 'Sky Scottish' was a joint venture between British Sky Broadcasting and SMG (Better known as STV or Scottish Television) back in 1996 and was broadcast as part of Sky's Multichannel package. However the channel was short lived, lasting only 18 months before it was taken off the air. Which is no surprise since it only broadcast for 2 hours each day and had very little quality programming, the best of which were extra editions of Scotland Today and old episodes of Take the High Road. Continue reading

Driver Scanner Software; More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

Uniblue Driver ScannerIf ever you have browsed a computing website or tried to download a missing file from a website; you will have come across an advert telling you that without updated drivers your computer may not be running at full capacity. There are a few programs on the Internet that scan your system then update any drivers that are outdated. The program I tried out is Uniblue DriverScanner 2009 which at face value seems like a pretty sweet deal, with a price tag of $29.95 (roughly £20) and a Microsoft Gold Certificate. However my experience of using the software was not a good one and resulted in me having to perform multiple system restores and eventually a reboot of the whole OS. The lesson here folks: Don't fix it if it ain't broken! I came across the program while trying to install drivers on my custom built PC. Since some of the hardware I have used is quite an age old so Windows XP had a difficult time trying to install some of the components. However upon scanning my system, DriverScanner detected the un-installed hardware and sourced the drivers. Also the software detected that some of the Windows drivers for other hardware was outdated and offered to give me the latest versions. Obviously I opted for yes, then the issues started. Continue reading

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